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Welcome to Sparrow Dance Co.’s Fall performance, "Shadows In The Light".

We are thrilled you came out to see us at Stade's Farm and Market!  Sparrow is blessed to be performing here where there is so much going on around us, be sure to explore and enjoy all the farm has to offer after the show.  Thank you to Mr. Vern Stade for hosting us at your beautiful farm! 


From every show we perform, we always donate to a charity of our choice.  For "Shadows In The Light," we will be donating to a local animal shelter in Racine County called Tiny Hooves Animal Sanctuary.  They are doing amazing work with rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned farmed animals.  Click the link for more information on this wonderful organization.

Thank You

We would like to acknowledge a few people before we get started.

-To all of YOU who come out and support Sparrow Dance Co! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

-Broadways Academy of Art and Dance directors; Shannon Levitt and Kristen Varrassi for hosting us so kindly at your studios for our rehearsals and for encouraging students to work with our choreographers to further their performance experiences.  We thank you for all of your generosity!   

-Thank you parents for driving your kiddos to and from rehearsals and being such a support through the whole show process. And for cheering the loudest of all! Your kids are wonderful!

-Diane Kane!  Thank you for letting us use your theater sofa and clock for the show, you are always so generous with your time and props. 

-Evan Knutson, for being our photographer for the show pictures.  We always have so much fun creating images with you for our performances!

-Vern Stade.  You have given us a place to share what we love doing most, at our absolute favorite venue of all...the great outdoors!  Thank you for being a generous, thoughtful and inspirational host.  Sparrow dancers thank you from the bottom of our hearts and very happy feet!

Cast Of Dancers

Elly Anderson (1970's Ghost)

Hailey Brown (1970's Ghost)

Lainie Callahan (1920's Ghost)

Delilah Cardiff (1800's Ghost)

Amelia Gebbink (Elina Edelweiss) (*Sunday Performance Only)

Leigh Hanus (1990's Ghost)

Makayla Hayes (Present Ghost)

Ellory Syverson (Elina Edelweiss) (*Saturday Performance Only)

Shadows In The Light

After a tragic loss, Elina Edelweiss starts to experience strange occurrences in her home.  She is determined to uncover the truth behind these ghostly shadows.  Will Elina ever find solace again?  Can she help the spirits who haunt her halls find peace and move into the light?

Sing Me to Sleep by Amanda Jenssen

The Light by Wax Tailor

What's a Girl To Do by Bat for Lashes

Morninglight by Amanda Jenssen

Home by Wax Tailor

Drift Away by Dobie Gray

The Phonograph by Wax Tailor

Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely by Anna Ternheim

Edelweiss (Instrumental) by JJ Heller

I Dream of You by JJ Heller

Thank you for joining us, see you next time!

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