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Jingle Jangle July

Welcome to Sparrow Dance Co.’s summer performance of Jingle Jangle July!

Our dancers have had a lot of fun cooking up a show packed with variety and holiday cheer. There will be plenty of opportunity for everyone to join in, with a chance to get out of your seats and dance the cha-cha with us during the last song at the end of Act I! 

*Your cue to hop on up and dance with your partner or by yourself, is when all the dancers walk down the steps to the ground level.


From every show we perform, we always donate to a charity of our choice.  For Jingle Jangle July, we will be donating to a local animal shelter in Racine County called Tiny Hooves Animal Sanctuary.  They are doing amazing work with rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned farmed animals.  Click the link for more information on this wonderful organization.

Thank You

We would like to acknowledge a few people before we get started.

-To all of YOU who come out and support Sparrow Dance Co! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you!

-Broadways Academy of Art and Dance directors; Shannon Levitt and Kristen Varrassi for hosting us so kindly at your studios for our rehearsals and for encouraging students to work with our choreographers to further their performance experiences.  We thank you for all of your generosity!   

-Thank you parents for driving your kiddos to and from rehearsals and being such a support through the whole show process. And for cheering the loudest of all! Your kids are wonderful!

-Trinity Church for the use of your beautiful facility, we’re grateful and blessed to be here. And to Pam Bach for staying late with us for our rehearsal and performances!

-Karen Kraemer in the media center! Without you, the show wouldn’t run! You are a master at what you do and we thank you from the bottom of our jolly hearts!

-The Moms at the ticket table! We love you all and thank you for all your help and your cheerful spirits!

-Diane Kane!  Thank you for letting us use your theater sofa for the show, you are always so generous with your time and props. 

-Evan Knutson, for being our photographer for the show pictures.  We always have so much fun creating images with you for our performances!

Act I

I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm by Kay Starr 

Choreography: Collaboration by dancers

Dancers: Elly Anderson, Lainie Callahan & Delilah Cardiff

Mele Kalikimaka Hawaiian Christmas by Bing Crosby (phontaine remix) 

Choreography: Elly Anderson

Dancers: Hailey Brown, Leigh Hanus & Jack Powell

Twinkle Little Christmas Lights by JD McPhearson 

Choreography: Paige Pearson

Dancers: Kristen Varrassi & Emersyn Varrassi

“Guide Us to the Light” 

Music: We Three Kings by Kirk Franklin (from the animated movie “The Star”)

Choreography: Collaboration by dancers

Dancers: Lainie Callahan, Amy Nolan & Shauna Opitz

*Scroll to the end to learn more about the Magi and Rise Performance Company’s Nativity Project

Christmas Island by Ella Fitzgerald

Choreography: Lainie Callahan

Dancers: Kadence Cowart, Laine Hanson & Giana Ramel (Friday Only)

Christmas In July by Engelwood, Jeff Kaale & Joakim Karud

Choreography: Lydia Cross

Dancer: Lydia Cross

Suzy Snowflake by Tony Mottola and His Orchestra & Rosemary Clooney 

Choreography: Katelyn Weiss

Dancer: Katelyn Weiss (Friday Only)

Cha-Cha All the Way by Capitol Studio Orchestra

Choreography: Lainie Callahan

Dancers: Avery Karau & Giana Ramel

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer by Billy May

Choreography: Lainie Callahan

Dancers: Elly Anderson, Jamie Anderson, Hailey Brown, Lainie Callahan, Delilah Cardiff, Lynn Garwood, Leigh Hanus, Shauna Opitz & Jack Powell

10 Minute Intermission 


Act II

“Christmas Memories”

Step Into Christmas by Elton John

Choreography: Lainie Callahan

Dancers: Cast of “Christmas Memories”

Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses

Choreography: Paige Pearson 

Dancers: Makenna Moore & Megan Moore

Please Come Home For Christmas by Pat Benatar

Choreography: Elly Anderson

Dancer: Elly Anderson

Bad Kid by JD McPhearson

Choreography: Paige Pearson

Dancers: Mari Callahan, Charlie Mecum & Claire Murray 

Silent Night by Stevie Nicks

Choreography: Lydia Cross

Dancer & Artist: Lydia Cross & Lynn Garwood

Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade

Choreography: Elly Anderson & Leigh Hanus

Dancers: Elly Anderson, Jamie Anderson Delilah Cardiff & Leigh Hanus

Christmas All Over Again by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Choreography: Lainie Callahan

Dancers: Finale Whole Cast



Thank you for joining us tonight, see you next time!



*Guide Us to the Light from The Nativity Project

A Rise Performance Company Production


Guide Us to the Light is a dance that portrays the traveling Magi in Biblical times after the Son of Man, Jesus, was born.  Their journey is long but the reward in the end was, and is, the greatest gift that any of us could seek, find, and receive.


This song is the cornerstone idea to a much larger project about the Nativity that many of us hear at Christmas time.  But there’s so much more to the story and Rise Performance Company hopes to bring those stories to life through theatre, music, dance, and art.


Stay connected on the Nativity project:


Did you know?

  • Though there were 3 gifts, did you know that we don’t actually know how many Magi / Wise Men there were.  It’s never stated in the Bible.


  • Most people know the 3 gifts brought to young Jesus to be Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh, but did you know what these gifts actually represented?  Gold - Kingship, Frankincense - Worship, & Myrrh - Death and mourning.  (they represented Jesus’s life)


  • Did you know that even though our Nativity sets have the Magi / Wise Men at the scene, they had not actually arrived at His birth.  It is estimated that He was probably between the ages of 1 and 2 when the Magi’s long journey brought them to Jesus.  


Another part of this story is a very jealous King Herrod who wanted Jesus dead.  Sadly, when the Magi did not report back to him as requested, Herrod had children in the land ages 2 and under killed in hope that Jesus would be among them.  


So the next time you set out your Nativity, place the Magi / 3 Wise Men a ways out from the scene if you choose.  They were still on their long journey.

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